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    Double CCI and RSIOMA – RSIOMA Forex System

    RSIOMA Trading Strategy RSIOMA is the abbreviation for Relative Strength index (RSI) of moving averages (MA). This custom built indicator is based on calculating the relative strength of two moving averages and the smoothes out the RSI using a moving average. Combined, the RSIOMA oscillator depicts trend changes in prices relative to the time frame. […] More

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    Forex Mystery Code Trading System

    Forex Mystery Code Trading System includes colorful buy-sell arrows which indicate the trend direction. It is powerful and unique to predict top and bottom points. It can be used for Forex, Binary Options, Stock Markets. First tool is including arrows which are not repainting and not recalculating. Once arrows are appeared in the chart, they […] More

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    Forex Money Management Tips

    1. Quantify Your Risk Capital Many of the important aspects of money management proceed from this key value. For example, the size of your overall risk capital will be a factor determining the upper limit of your position size. You might consider it prudent to risk no more than 2% of your overall risk capital […] More

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    Forex Trading Strategies For Beginners

    FOREX TRADING STRATEGIES FOR BEGINNERS If you are a beginner in currency trading and are looking for simple trading strategies, you are lucky as it is easier for you to find one that suits you quicker than a trader who has been struggling for years. However, before starting out on a trading strategy, careless emotions […] More

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    How Do You Master The Art Of Trading!

    How do you master the art of trading Not everyone can trade currencies because it requires the knowledge and skills. Facing higher risks and challenges cannot be done by everyone so the Australian traders are included among the ones who are capable of trading successfully. They have become successful in trading because of their talent […] More

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